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Someone Used My Social Security Number to File Taxes – What Should I Do?

Posted by on January 10, 2017
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How to alert the IRS of identity theft, how to file your return, and how long your refund will take

Victim of identity theft? Don’t let panic get the best of you.

After entering your tax information, you finally hit the e-file button, only to have your return rejected by the IRS. The reason; a tax return has already been filed with your social security number!

There’s a sinking feeling in your gut and an enveloping sense of dread. What do you do? How will you ever get your refund money now? Remain Calm. You’ll get through this.


Here’s what you should do now

Step #1

The first thing to do is double check all of the information on your return, especially your name and Social Security number and those of your spouse and dependents. Sometimes this error can be caused by a simple typo.

Step #2

If it turns out that all of the information on your return is correct, call the IRS and alert them to the fact that your identity has been stolen. The IRS actually has a Identity Protection Specialized Unit and a number, 1-800-908-4490, dedicated to telephone assistance for individuals who believe they may be a victim of identity theft.

Step #3

You will also have to file Form 14039 [Identity Theft Affidavit] along with photocopies of at least one document verifying your identity. Permissible documents include a passport, driver’s license, social security card, or other valid U.S. Federal or State government issued identification.

Step #4

You can either mail or fax the form in to the IRS. If you weren’t able to e-file your tax return, you should print it out and mail it in to the IRS along with Form 14039 and the copies of your identification.

You can fax these forms to:

(978) 684-4542

You can mail these forms to:

Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 9039
Andover, MA 01810


You can expect a delayed refund

Identity theft is certainly a serious problem, but you can rest easy knowing that the IRS deals with this sort of thing all the time. They should be able to resolve everything so that you can file your return and get your refund. You may also receive a special Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) to help protect your identity the next time you file taxes.

The bad news is that you are going to have to wait a long time for your refund. You are being punished for having done nothing wrong, but such is life. The IRS needs to review all evidence before finally making a decision. Then your return has to endure all the normal processing that it would have initially.

Best case scenario, you get your refund in six to eight weeks. Note, this is best case scenario. It could be several months or even up to a year before the IRS can get your refund out.


What is the IRS doing about identity theft?

You may have heard through the grapevine that the IRS is delaying refunds on taxpayers who claim certain credits. This is, in fact, true. The IRS has implemented changes to their system for the 2016 tax season which should hopefully cut down on the instances of identity theft and fraud. These have also caused problems that are delaying processing, further pushing back refunds. Identity theft is a serious matter. In the event that you or someone you know has fell victim to this crime, contact the IRS as soon as possible.

Remember, even if you’ve been subject to fraud, you can still use PriorTax to file past due tax, you’ll just have to paper file your returns by mailing them in.


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233 Responses to “Someone Used My Social Security Number to File Taxes – What Should I Do?”

  1. Ida Mouton says:

    I file for identity theft feb.16,2012.And was told my case is being look at as of 04/17/2012.How long will it take me to get my refund.I in a very hardship at this time.Please help me..I am the victim in this case.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ida,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how long it will take the IRS to resolve the issue. This is the busiest time of year for the IRS, so if they’re just now taking a look at it, it could be months before they resolve the issue. If I had to make a guess, I would say 2-3 months, but there’s really no way to know for sure.

      • andrew says:

        Im on month 7 of waiting, with multiple calls, safe to say they are backed up…

        • lisa says:

          I am also a victim and am still waiting. I waited 3o days, then another 30, now i was told 90 more days from the time they received all the documentation and crap that they wanted…its such shit!

          • jw says:

            500,000 victims this tax season, irs told me it would take at least 90 days up to a year, nice…sent my id documents irs requested by certified mail so i know the date they received and confirm that they received. irs needs to get a handle on this problem as it continues to grow each year.

          • Chels says:

            This happened to le this year and I was told 180 days or 6 months, after 180 days I got the exact same letter again saying it could still be another 180 days. I’m not anticipating I’ll ever see that money. Fuck the IRS. I’ve also tried calling several times and twice have waited on hold for 30min without an answer, so again I’ll state: FUCK.the IRS that’s my money and I needed it 7 months ago, thank goodness I have grandparents who were willing to give me a loan. I’m dreading filing next year…at this rate I probably won’t be able to because they’re still trying to resolve this one. I swear it was a simple mistake by someone else too, because I’ve had no other identity issues (credit is fine, no weird requests) plus I could file in my state. So I’m convinced someone accidentally mistyped a number and used my san.

            Beyond infuriating!!!!!

            Someone with Zero faith in the system.

    • Robert says:

      Hello Ida,

      It seems like you are in the same situation as I am. I went to file on Jan 21st when I found out my SSN was used so I had to mail in my tax return with the identity theft paperwork. I have been calling about every couple of weeks and have finally gotten word that they tried to direct deposit my tax return on 8/15. Unfortunately the direct deposit isn’t valid because I elected to use the RAC account with HR Block that was never even opened in the first place. The IRS wheres my refund website is telling me now that my return will be mailed on 8/24. So I guess it is safe to say that this process takes about 6 months to complete. However it is possible it could take longer depending on the case. I would just keep checking the IRS wheres my refund website for any status. It’s much better than waiting on hold for hours with the IRS lol.

      • savannah says:

        Robert I received a letter on 11.14.13
        I called today and the lady told me that I should start the 180 couuntdown from oct. 28th
        When I calld a couple of weeks ago another lady told me I should received my letter or refund on or before december 4.2013 and now I’m lost and confused HELP anyone please

    • kimberly says:

      When you call the IRS, ask for a taxpayer advocate ASAP!!! They will get your refund to YOU in as little as 3-4 weeks!!

      • Andy Bell says:

        Have you done this? I’ve been waiting 7 months and still no answer.

      • susan says:

        I have been waiting since 3/26/12 for my refund–my SSN was stolen and used to file a fraudulent return. I call about every 2 weeks and get a different answer from each rep. Now they are telling that I should receive my retund on 11/9 as it takes 211 days to “investigate” my situation. I faxed and mailed my affadavit of identity on 3/26 and the IRS logged it in as received on 4/10/12. I have been accured of being a criminal by one agent and I have spoken with two different taxpayer advocates. These two people have done absolutely NOTHING to advocate on my behalf. I have all the names and dates of agents I spoke with and it is all going in a letter to all of my state representatives. I’m even thinking of contacting the local television station to see if they are interested in an “investigative report” on the practices of the IRS.

    • Suzanne Hearring says:

      Hi Ida,

      This happened to us after filing Married for nearly 30 years together. We filed on 2/28/14. By mid-April they were investigating. We just received our refund last week. We were told it could take up to a year. 5 months later our refund was in the mail, with interest. Every year will take longer as it will become more frequent. Be patient.

  2. Ida Mouton says:

    I am also a single parent needing to payoff some bills and rent.Iwas told i will get my refund on 04/17/2012.I have been waiting for three months now.

  3. SurgicalDave says:

    I have been waiting 4 months now.. I was told I wont see it for over a year. The IRS is the IDIOTIC REFUND SERVICE. All of this could be solved by a simple signature or matching certain ID’s……………….

    • ronnie says:

      My refund was mailed out get some 2814 and unfortunately I lost my post office box old the return was mailed back to the IRS I was a victim of identity theft and it held up on 2014 taxes What I’ve been told 3 different dates on my 2013 taxes to be mailed to me You cannot use where’s my refund for the information on the 2013 And when I recently called I had a very rude Asian tell me that I should wait 30 days when I try to explain that I’ve already waited the time that the previous agent had told me I’m at a loss what should I do

      • admin says:

        Hi Ronnie,

        The IRS insists on allowing for 28 days to call about your refund. Unfortunately, as you’ve stated, you are unable to use the Where’s My Refund tool for prior year tax returns. That being said, the IRS should be sensitive to that. I would try giving them a call back and speaking with a different representative.

  4. RandyJ says:

    For the past 3 years I’ve filed income taxes which have been rejected then I mail in a paper copy. The identity thieves picked the wrong guy as I am self-employed and always have to pay taxes. The biggest thing to me is that it is very annoying and if they decide to apply for credit using my SSAN then I could have significant problems as I do indeed need to get a loan to finish building my house.
    I’ve taken all the steps of filling out forms and doing everything the IRS tells me to do but STILL after 3 years it keeps happening!!!! Doesn’t the IRS go after these people, find them and arrest them or at least try to stop them? When I inquired about getting transcripts of w-2’s and copies of the tax forms filed I was told that I would have to send them something like $40 for the copies. That just sucks! I’m very tempted to do all this just to acquire the information and go to the police or district attorney in the city where the taxes are being filed which is in another state… but being on parole already I’m afraid that I may end up in a confrontation and just cause a heck of a lot of trouble for myself…. I really need the IRS to follow through on this and put an end to it… What do they do? So far NOTHING… who will do something? Will the police or district attorney in another state investigate and stop these scumbags? All I want out of the IRS and law enforcement is for them to do their job!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi RandyJ,

      At this point (after three years!) I would contact law enforcement. The IRS’s job is just to make sure a fraudulent return isn’t filed. It can’t do anything about the other negative consequences of identity theft. Here’s a list of useful tips from the Federal Trade Commission about what to do when your identity is stolen –

    • kim says:


    • Debra Powell says:

      Yes some body use my social security number and filled tax’s for five years

  5. Gwen says:

    My return was rejected February 2nd. My husband and I filed together, his ssn was used by someone, we sent all the documents required on February 6th. We call periodically and hear the same junk, ooh we are still working on it, it takes time. Its June and I am stil waiting. I told one rep this is ridiculous, your take your time for this but if I owed money your would debit my account immediately.

    • lynetta says:

      I am having the same problem with the IRS. I mailed in all the documents and keep getting that we have to wait. First it was 12 weeks then turn to tell me 90 days. Called after the 90 days again now i have to wait til June 20 to see if I get a letter. Well this is so wrong they said they mail the letters out when they feel like it. Not to call back until then. What is with this government, And no one can give me a date except to call back. Mine has been sent in since February 6th.

    • Lynda says:

      The same thing is happening to me right now. It’s amazing when you owe, they try to crucify you and make your life miserable. All we get is I’m sorry and nothing becomes of it. It’s always the hard working and honest that suffers.

  6. Donna Smellie says:

    My tax preparer called me in and told me that my electronic filing was rejected as someone had already filed with my number. you would think that before sealing a hard copy and given it to me to mail in he would have known that the form 14309 identity theft form should alsdo be included. Well he said nothing about that so i have been waiting for months for my refeund. Finally I called the ID Theft number and they told me to download and fax in form and that it could tke up to year to complete investigation. If e-file is such an issue that makes people’s life so miserable then e-file should be banned. It is very unfair that I should have to go through this. let’s all sign an mail in so signatures can be verified and taxes mailed to the right address.

  7. braton chavis says:

    what about this my ss# was used to file tax on the year of 2008 and the bad thing about it was i did not file taxes that year and come to find out i know who it was it was my mother and my refund for the year of 2011 were taken but i fallowed all that the irs ask for how long will it take them to help me when you know that you did not do it an u know who it was and she admmits to it………

    • admin says:

      Hi Braton,

      Unfortunately, even under circumstances as simple as the ones you describe, it can often take the IRS quite a while to resolve situations like this. It’s impossible to know for sure how long it will take. The best case scenario is probably 6-8 weeks. The worst case scenario is more like 6-8 months.

      • Midwestern Son says:

        The EXACT same things happened with me with my mom! I was adopted and went to live with her for a short time and didn’t even know she filed taxes in MY name! I never even worked that year and was still in school even! Now, I’ve been waiting since the beginning of 2013 and they kept my refund from last year even though they told me it would be safe to file since there is a note that I am the victim of identity theft! This is bull! I am struggling, did nothing wrong and they are keeping MY money because of a criminal!

  8. Jalesha says:

    The year 2009 I was a victim of identity theft and I went through the long process with the IRS. I have filed my 2012 papwr return in to the IRS. I also included my IP NUMBER, as well as other documents saying that I am who I say I am… The IRS received my refund May 25,2012. My tax preparer told me my refund will come on IRS issued debit card. So when will I most likely receive my refund?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jalesha,

      Assuming there’s no problem with your return, you should get your refund 6-8 weeks after you file. To get your refund faster, you should consider e-filing next year. Even if the April tax filing deadline has passed, e-file stays open until October. If, however, your identity has been stolen again, it could take several months for the IRS to sort it out.

      • jasmine says:

        after 90 day if dont recieve a letter call IRS Identity theft unit , and ask what is the status of your case , usually it take 6 months to a year to get your money back . That i was told by rep from the IRS .

    • rocio says:

      I had a similar issue a few years ago .I filed with h and r block and did a RAL, the money didn’t come in the 1-2 days so I got on the phone ..Turns out the feds took my money beacsue i had a School loan in default, it was a fed loan though ..Since then I have done a little research and from what I understand only federal or state agencies can touch your refund, not just anyone.

  9. sekini says:

    I filed my taxes and got a message that my ss# can not be used more than once in a return or on another return. I need to ge a transcript so that I can complete my son’s financial aid. When I go to request it, it says that the address doesn’t match up. I was told to fill out an identity theft form. Okay will do in the am. I apologize but I don’t care about the refund. My main concern is getting the transcript so that I can get him off and on his way. Can someone please give me some advice

    • admin says:

      Hi Sekini,

      Were you aware that the IRS cannot process a request for a transcript online if you request it be mailed to an address other than the one they have on file for you. If you want to send your transcript to a different address, you’ll have to complete Form 4506-T [Request for Transcript of Tax Return]. That could be what they meant when they said the addresses don’t match up. But it’s also entirely possible that they won’t send you a transcript until the identity theft issue has been cleared up. In that case, the most you can do is give them a call at 1-800-829-1040, explain your situation, and do everything you can to cooperate and expedite the process.

  10. Catina says:

    I filed my Taxes on January 26, the system kicked my return out saying my ss had already been filed. So i had to mail my paper work in which I did…I guess the IRS is so back up when i talked to a worker in the fraud department she said that they just got my paper work in March!!! Ok, really…so i filled out the affidavt copies of ss number ID etc….then she told me she had to refer it to someone else who had 30 to 60 days to respond with a letter or my refund…its been 6 months now!!!!! Not only that had i not called. I would have not know what was going on with my return….I never, ever got a letter from the IRS saying you have been a victim of ID theft…so now I have to wait on a letter. or my money….Really!!!

    • jasmine says:

      its takes 6 months to a year if you have not recieved a letter from them call IRS identity theft

      • Bouk says:

        If you reside and work in WA then you are not lilbae for CA taxes.If money was withheld then it would be in your best interests to file just to get that money refunded.When you fill out the CA state income tax form just answer the questions and from what I understand from your question is you will qualify as a nonresident.

      • sean says:

        it took me 8 months to recieve identity theft verification letter…

  11. Dave in FL says:

    Me too….me too.
    WTF is going on??????

  12. nichelle says:

    My ss# was used and I have to wait 8-12 weeks for my money and that was in Feb.

    • jasmine says:

      you have to wait 90 days if no letter is recieved by them call the IRS identity Theft # Not 18008291040 , basically it take 6 months to a year to get your money back .

  13. Marie says:

    Yes, what is going on? We changed tax preparers this year and did not efile. We mailed it and last Friday, I called and the man I spoke with said someone used my husband’s social to file. The only reason I called is because we were expecting a refund and kept checking online. At one point it said we would receive it about May 29th. Then May 29th came and went, and all of a sudden it said generically, that we received your return and we are processing it. So I filled out that form and faxed and mailed it in for good measure. The guy said they’ve been getting a barrage of people using other people’s social security numbers. Of course he couldn’t answer why we were not notified by mail, and that why I had to call and ask the status of the refund, again, he doesn’t know. Really, who knows? Now how long this will take, who knows? It’s been more than 3 months.

  14. Michelle says:

    On Feb 24th, the jerk that stole my ss# received about $4,000. a week later i filed mine through e-file. the junior accountant doesnt notify me till i call in mid-march to tell me that it was rejected. we filed it through mail and the guy didnt know he had to send that identy theft form. so i filled it out and faxed it. from there, they told me that i have to wait to 60 days till a case worker handles my case so, to call back back after june 24. i called on july 12 and now i have to wait 150 days for an investigator to handle my case. supposedly, i won’t be receiving my refund (and my child’s) till after the investigation is complete which is two years. meanwhile, the jerk that got the money with MY info is probably in another state or out of the country. i started crying and told the nice gentleman on the phone that i don’t want the 150 days to come up and then i receive a notice that i won’t be receiving any refund back. its so bad that for the first time, i get to finally claim my chid but this had to happen. now i have no choice but to give the authority back to her father.

    my problem is, everywhere that i read about the refunds, it says it would take no more than 8 months, but how come i was told two years AFTER the investigation is completed? this refund would be a lot of help especially for my kid’s upcoming school year.

    • admin says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Two years does sound pretty extreme, but if that’s what the IRS told you then you’ll just have to trust them on it. There is no set time within which you are guaranteed to get your refund back and sometimes things like this do take a while. I might call back and speak to someone else just to make sure that it really is going to take two years and that you’ve done everything you can do to expedite the process. Other than that it’s pretty much in their hands. Good luck – I hope you don’t have to wait too much longer.

      • Michelle says:

        as you requested, i called back and explained to the young lady what was told to me. she told me that i was given the wrong information and to expect both a refund AND the letter no later than Aug 18, however, if i don’t, then i should call back. hopefully, i’ll get it soon. thanks for your information!

        • savannah says:

          Michelle I was wondering did yours come through because I received a letter 11-14-13 and when I called a week before the letter came they told me that I should get my refund december 4th if not to call back…..while I call today I was told a whole different story saying that the 180 countdown started after oct 28th

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Michelle,
      I am currently going through the same thing. I was fortunate enough however to speak with a representative from the IRS who was very helpful. Although I have not received my refund yet (filled in February), the representative told me if I were in serious need of money and could prove my case the IRS is willing to give you a portion of your money back before completing your investigation. Give them a call again and let them know of your situation and they will tell you when you need to do next.

      Best of Luck

      • Michelle says:

        Hi samantha:

        yes, as i have posted, i hope i’ll get it by Aug 18, if not, then i’ll ask the representative about receiving a portion of the money. Thanks and best of luck to you also!

  15. Karen Brinson says:

    My husband and I have had the same problem as most of the folks above. We tried to e-file in April…pretty close to deadline…and the IRS rejected it as it appeared that one of our numbers had already been used on another refund. We hoped this was an error and mailed in our return. I know it was received as we sent it certified mail and I have that acceptance card. they IRS never notified us about a problem, but we also never received our refund. When I called last week, I was informed that someone had indeed used one of the SSNs. Based on my call, they initiated an investigation. I have done my other reporting and am sending in the affidavits (form 14039) for each of us. Do I need to send in the return again if they have already received it? I was not asked to, but did not know if that was necessary. Thanks for your response.

    • admin says:

      Hi Karen,

      I would go with whatever the IRS says on this one. If they already have the return and did not request another copy I don’t think it’s necessary to send another one.

  16. betsy says:

    I can relate to everyone, here. I was told that the processing time for investigating fraudulent tax returns is 180 days. I am now on day 170 and I still have not received a letter or a refund from IRS. This had been nothing but a nightmare for me. I even called Tax Advocates to see if I can get assistance with this and was told that they can only help me if I was experiencing financial hardships. I don’t understand how IRS can slowly dragged their feet when it comes to paying out money to id theft victims and yet be on another person’s case (faster than a jack rabbit) for not filing their taxes in a timely manner. When they want their money, there is no 180 + days for them.

  17. Susette says:

    Same issue I am dealing with. Filed my taxes late this year since because I was waiting for my school information and my second job W2. Finally filed with Turbo tax and it was rejected. I filed my paperwork in march was told 90 days, now it is almost August. I call and get the same sad story. Last time I called they told me that that I need to show hardship like being evicted etc and they would release some of the money. I am fortunate to have a job, but I was counting on that money to take my kids on vacation. I am really really upset, it is my money, that I worked hard for.

    This is a nightmare.

  18. shon says:

    So am I to understand no one has gotten any money????I turned everything in to the irs Feb 5. received one letter telling me I would receive my refund in 45 days well… refund,I called the july 7 they said I should receive my refund before the 15 of july….guess what no refund..question the person that filed my taxes didn’t get any money so what is the freaking hold up?and when I called july 7 I was told my case was just worked on june 26 what does that mean?if someone can explain

  19. Sterling says:

    If the IRS doesn’t try to locate those who commit the fraud why does it take so long to determine which return is real and which is fraudulent? They are not performing a criminal investigation…why so long? AND, why won’t they share information about the fraudulent return? Perhaps if I could see what was filed I might be able to help law enforcement determine who it was that stole my identity! The system intentionally leaves us blind and ignorant, no wonder identity theft is growing so fast – easy money with little chance of getting caught.

    • Helena says:

      This is so disgusting to see so many victims of the same sh**. No one has mentioned that maybe it is actually the IRS being fraudulent. We have done nothing wrong and this is the way we are treated??? That is more money for them. No answers, might be why this happens to so many. Just sayin…

  20. Theresa says:

    Well i’ve been waiting since March 13, and still haven’t heard anything.The IRS goes a they on pace. If it was them in this situation they would want they money to.

  21. Shon says:

    Well spoke to someone at the irs all she could tell me was my return is being worked on….What the heck does that mean it has been 6 mos….This is sad!

  22. Shon says:

    Can someone please post when they recieve their tax refund and when they filed….To give the rest of us an estimate when we might get ours…Thanks in advance.

    • Brenda says:

      I e-filed on Feb 10 this year. Just received my refund August 31. No letter, no explanation, just a check. That’s ok, at least I finally got it!

      • shon says:

        Well as of Oct.16 2012 still no check….received a letter aug 27 saying they had to amend it gave me my new amount and said expect a check in 4-6 weeks….well no CHECK

  23. RASTA says:

    This is madness that I am waiting since February 6th after finding out someone else filed my taxes. The fraudster was waitng for direct deposit to their account but I stopped them as I filed ealry. Since the criminal mastermind did not get any mney and I have provided IRS with everything except some blood or balls hair, why am I still waiting after six months without any correspondence as to when, where, why or what the … When I owed them it was a different story. Good thing I still have a job.

    • Mystic says:

      Trust me I feel ya. Look like you become the victim twice. They telling me that it’s 180 days before they even look at your case because some “agent” has to keep the file sitting on their desk for six months while they do nothing. If I had owe them bumboclaat’s money it wouldn’t take 180 for them to come banging on my raas claat door.

      • Joannie Santiago says:

        I file my return on March of 2012, I called 30 days later and the recording line tells me you tax paper work has been recieved and will have your return with in 6 weeks. Six weeks go by theres a diffrent message now is saying we have recieved your taxes and is being process. It's been 8 month I'm a single mother of two boys lost my house, my job and my car. I've been to the local IRS office and your file is closed. You should get an avocate so I did. Send all the paperwork more than six times to the IRS the advocates and a special unit in Fresno CA. everythime a call same thing no one can explain why my file has not been touched and it's closed. I called today same as every month you advocate no longer works for us your file still close no one has touch your file. I have all the proof I can give them I have been filling head of house hold claiming two kids and some ashole can come use my SS and gets away with getting a return. It is obvious they can track were the hell they are sending this returns. Why can no one seem to help me. Today also IRS tells me they are in debt What do I care about that. They dont care I lost everything, thank God I found a job. But still on a hardship to make it. I even try to get a tax attourney and they tell me they help the people that have no money to pay their taxes not people that have the money owe to them. What kind of crap is this? 

        • Helena says:

          E X A C T L Y! I am a single mother of 2. Had to claim bankruptcy, lost my car, and close to losing my house. Needed my refund to buy a used car. They tax us out of our a**, the economy sucks, then they keep our money and “say” someone used our ss#. What a cover up, because there is simply nothing we can do about it. Where is their proof that anyone even tried to file with our ss#?

          • Jeff says:

            What I want to know as a victim of ID theft this year why is this not in the news. How much is this costing us law abiding, tax paying citizens. I am tired of all the politics and lack of accountability. This is total government failure.

  24. sheree says:

    Me and my boyfriend are both victims of identity theft he paper filed hos return. In February. After he was rejected. He was assign a advocate back in April the advocate told him his check. Was mailed. Out Aug 10 we tried. To check. The system. To verify but its down so I will keep u guys updated

  25. sheree says:

    The IRS needs to start locking up people who commit these crime’s stealing. Someone. Identity is serious. Act and it’s. Also a inconvenience to the victims I hate a theft

  26. shiesta says:

    Im only 24. I tried filing my return electronic comes to find out someone used my social. I mailed my paper return 2/23/12. After so many calls to the URS. I never could get an answer. So finally on July 8, 2012 I contacted my local tax advocate and my caseworker was able to get them to process my refund and I finally received my check in the mail on 8/11/2012.

    • Jennifer says:

      Did you go to your local IRS office? I also did all steps. Found out someone used my social mailed all documents required by the IRS and keep hearing the same line.. It’s still in review. Called the advo line and they cant help. Please let me know if you went to your local tax office.

  27. amary2 says:

    it sucks to be going through all this,i have been waiting since february for my refund.someone filed my taxes and i have to pay the consequences,we are already in august and irs said that it could take up to 180 days,and that time is up on the 16th of august and when i call i wait a long time so that they could tell me the same thing it says at wheres my refund,…if im calling is cause i want to hear more information.our files are just stacked up,i dont think it takes months to someone verifies who we pissed off cause i have things to pay and its my tax refund and im entitled to paying the consequences just cus someone wanted some easy cash.i was in a shelter not to long ago and thank god i have my place now and i was counting on that money to buy furniture for me and my kids at least all i have is their beds.thats why im pissed off because my family is in need. i dont know what else to do with irs please email is thanks

  28. shon says:

    So should I call a tax advocate?…seems that may be the only way I get my money.

  29. sheree says:

    OK the advocate was correct my boyfriend got his return today it took. Almost. 6 months please. Get a advocate. If u guys want your tax refunds

  30. sheree says:

    Best of luck to you all and make sure u guys get a pin number. So next year u wont become. Victims. Again

  31. Roland says:

    Friends, I contacted a lawyer the other day for another matter and while I was at his office I met a friend of mine that is a higher up in the Marines. He works in the Pentagon as a security guard and has a lot of friends in the inside. He told me that there’s more than a million affected by these so called “identity thefts” but that’s not what they are. The U.S Government is not able to pay its citizens the money owed in taxes for some unknown reason according to him. This must be really explicit because after hours of browsing google I couldn’t find a single website with such allegations. My thoughts on this is that it may be probable. If this comment gets removed then this website may also be compromised. Good luck to all you. I filed for my taxes on February and was also told about my social security number being stolen, but I have no idea how that is even possible. Today is august 25 and I have yet to see my income tax return.

  32. sheree says:

    Guys you got to always remember close mouth dont get fead stomp cry kick yell do what wver it takes to get what belongs to you

  33. sheree says:

    My boyfriend got his check on aug 13 with interest and his pin number

    • Sha says:

      Sheree, I finally got my refund after 11 months from my identity being stolen. I was told in a separate letter that I would get my pin in late December, but no reference to interest. Did your boyfriend’s interest come separately? I was hoping that mine would have been included with my refund check, but it wasn’t.

  34. natosha says:

    My husband and I filed on 2-14-12. Received a call that same day that someone used my husband’s social security number the month before and got a refund. We have been married for 16 years and have 2 children. We always file the sameway but there were no “red flags” that alerted the IRS?Can’t they make an app or software for that? Mine and my kids’ numbers wern’t stolen. We have faxed all paper work and called the IRS several times and they say, “you’ll receive a letter in 30days.” Its now September 6th and still no such letter. Should I talk to a lawyer? Can they still hold mine and the kids’ return? Both of us are hard working, taxpayers! I’m a nurse and he is a mechanic. So frustrating how this system works!

    • admin says:

      Hi Natosha,

      I’m assuming you and your husband filed jointly? If so, it’s one tax return. That means one refund. You and the kids cannot be separated out from him. When was the last time you called the IRS? If it’s been several months since you last spoke to them, I would call again. Lots of people on this thread seem to have had success with a Taxpayer Advocate. I would get in touch with one of them before you contact a lawyer.

      Here’s the IRS page where you can find an Advocate near you –!

      Also (and I know it sounds ludicrous) but by IRS standards your refund isn’t exactly late yet. This is around the time that identity theft victims are just beginning to receive their refunds, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes another few weeks or months.

  35. edy says:

    I am also a victim and this is my 7 month waiting. I don’t even bother to call anymore, I am just tired. They just tell me they are going to send me a letter and one month more to wait for that letter blablabla

    Why don’t just be honest and say they have a backlog and the refunds will take much more time-probably they will come in the next tax year?

    But much worst…when you file through e-fille, your taxes are accepted by a computer, no single person checks that. Problem: their software sucks badly. It is supposed to process and filter information – for what, no idea.

    My case: married filling jointly, same bank account for 7 years, same data in taxes (no new information, just the address may have changed) yet, the criminals that filed taxes with my husband SSN didn’t have any problem.

    How can you explain this: my 7 years of taxes have the same bank account; obviously the id stealer used another bank account to get his refund. How could that happen? don’t the software “think” is a red flag? same bank account for years and then a new one??? (also I know they filed taxes with different names, not with my husband name, which is even worst)

    i am puzzled.

  36. tom says:

    I filed in feb im finally getting my refund it was mailed on the 31st of aug when do you think i will have it in my mailbox

    • admin says:

      Hi Tom,

      It’s the same as any other piece of mail. How long does it usually take letters to reach you? I would guess no more than ten days.

  37. Myrna says:

    My story and a question. Someone submitted a Tax Return under my Social Security number in January of 2012 for the 2011 Tax Year, as a Single person and possibly with a variation of my name. I have been submitting jointly with my husband for 42 years. This year we submitted in February, and when we checked “Where is My Refund,” it stated that we would receive it on 02-27-2012, but when that day came and went, I called IRS and got a very bad Rep who brushed me off and told me that it would be in the mail soon — not so. I called again and was told that fraud had been committed with my SSN and that I would be receiving a letter, in 8 weeks, which I was to fill out and return. I did so and after IRS concluded that I was the real person, they sent me a letter acknowledging that fact. We finally received our refund in August.

    My question is whether I should call IRS this coming December to inform them that I will be filing jointly and to please flag our account.

    Note: This is the second year that we have had problems. We filed the 2010 return electronically in January of 2011 and received our check in February of this year (2012), supposedly because of a code number that the system would not accept.

    • admin says:

      Hi Myrna,

      It certainly won’t hurt to call them come December, but I’m not sure how much good it will do. As far as I’m aware, the extent of identity theft protections built into the IRS system involves flagging a return with a SSN that has already been filed. This means that the best way to combat identity theft is to file as early as possible. E-file usually opens sometime in mid-January. If you’ve had issues for the last two years, I would file as soon as possible before identity thieves have a chance to file with your SSN. You could also try asking them for an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN), which should make it harder to steal your SSN.

  38. Jessica says:

    I filed my tax return end Jan 2012 And it is now september 11th and I am STILL waiting to hear anything at all. I try ot go to the website and check the wheres my refund but it ask for my refund amount and I don’t know it because I never got 1! I also have tried to get a hold of the office where I filed my taxes and have left maybe around 40 voice mails asking for them to call me back and have no recieved a single call. Then I finally go a hold of the IRS and found out they didn’t even recieve or look at my paper work until may even though I sent it in within 4 days of my refund being rejected. I try to call in all the time and the other day I was on hold for 4 1/2 hours someone finally picked up and then I realized I couldn’t find my charger and my phone died. I tried to call back for the next week and never got through to anyone. Finally I spoke with someone and she said they didn’t even have it on record! WTF? 7 months and they tell me this. So I call back 2 days later wait for another 3 hours and find out they just found my paper work and will be working on it said it might take up to 6 months!!!!! in 4 months I will have to file again!!!!! This is bull crap!!!

  39. JENNIFER says:


  40. Carl says:

    Hello this is Carl, I have a very serious problem. Somebody stole my flash drive that has my Social Security in it. I am crossing my fingers right now that he never open the folder that has my Number in it. What is the best thing i should do.

  41. Casey says:

    I am in the same situation as most of you. My husband and myself filed jointly and it said that his ss was already used. However, everytime I call to talk to someone I can never get to an actual person. it’s always automated and then eventually it hangs up on me. Please advise. Thanks!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Casey,

      If you keeping pressing “0” after you call the IRS you can bypass the automated system and will be referred directly to a live agent.

  42. tom says:

    My refund was mailed the 31st of august i noticed the last comment its been over ten days i have not got it i spoke with rep told me to wait how much longer does it takes my id case is closed and refund was mailed i filed feb this year

  43. Bob says:

    I am in the same situation as most of you with Identity Theft of my tax return. I noticed the problem when after we filed our real return, the IRS said they received our amended return. Never filed an “amended return”, so I called them and that’s when I learned someone else used our SS and name. The were helpful to a point, told me what papers to fill out with the FTC, etc.

    I don’t have a problem with a refund since I adjust my withholding so I either have a small refund or pay the IRS. No sense in the government having my money for a year and collecting no interest, etc. The biggest problem is having the correct info on file so if I try and refinance a mortgage, get a loan, etc., the lender will have the correct info about my income, etc. Well the IRS said my file will be updated in a few months or longer. Not acceptable.

    So I contacted the IRS Tax Advocate office and in three days they called me back and were able to get me an official copy of my tax return, faxed from the IRS, so the banks, etc. will have not problem with verification.

    For the future, if I don’t get an IP PIN from the IRS because of the Identity Theft, I will be looking at getting a PIN for electronic filing. This will help prevent anyone but you from filing an electronic return. I don’t know of any issues if I file by mail and don’t use the PIN, but will verify with the IRS.

    ONE important item: The Tax Advocate told me that the Fraudulent Tax Return will be in my file forever. If anyone, bank, etc., wants copies of prior years returns, they will get the Fraudulent one. It will be up to you to explain to the bank, whoever, why the problem. I asked them why is this and they said, “its the law”. I’m sending a letter to my Congressman and Senator to try and get this changed.

  44. JJ says:

    Single mom – tried to file electronically about Jan. 24 — of course, someone already did so using my SS number. I called and was told the refund hadn’t been sent out yet — but did the IRS flag the file? NO. They sent a refund to the wrong person, even after being told about the fraud! It’s for thousands of dollars. I REALLY need that money. In Sept. I was told I’d get the refund by October 16, or before. I called today and was told that my case is not closed, and they’ve no clue when it will be. I am giving up hope. WHY doesn’t the IRS software match Employer’s electronically filed W-2 information with my return? It would be a simple way to find these scumbags that steal my money.

  45. maria says:

    Filed my taxes in april after 1 week found out my husband had filed jointly in feb didnt know he did it until i filed married separate and had to paper file,i have a rather LARGE LOTTERY my state last month but i had to send a letter to let them know i filed separately…. been calling irs every 30 days and they keep telling me still processing.wmr has been stuck on received and processing am i being audited??

  46. Brent says:

    I have had my identity stolen for my taxes and unfortunately found it out while trying to close on a house. The bank informed me that they could not get my records due to the IRS not releasing my account details. Now the IRS will not even give them to me so that I can give the bank. Now I am afraid I will not be able to close because of this issue. Can someone offer advice?

  47. D. Scott says:

    Same situation for us, however, it has been OVER A YEAR and despite our follow up letters and phone messages, we have received no response via letter or telephone since March 2012. Any time we or our tax accountant calls the case worker’s number, we get the answering machine recording that states they will respond to our message within 30 days. Our tax accountant called on July 10 and and we sent a letter the same day. Here it is September 28 and we are without a clue about refund. This was our largest ever refund, wouldn’t you know. Don’t count on getting your refund any faster than we have (not).

  48. mare says:

    waiting to here something from irs sent all necessary paper work check out a lot of people replies but still need to know how long is this process from the irs filed Feb 2011 went in August still haven’t herard any thing about what irs is doing

  49. P.MAYS says:

    I am a victim of identity theft and have had a horrible experience with them. The phone takers seem to be un-caring and I am constantly getting the run-around. I filed my taxes in March and here it is October and I have yet to receive any information on my case or how much longer it will be. I have contacted the tax advocate and to my dismay, they are a branch of the IRS! Which means they can give a rat’s behind about your tax return either. According to the numerous IRS representatives that I have talked to, they have up to a year to close your case! They have even informed me of instances where you get your next year’s taxes before the previous year. They really need to come up with a better system of handeling this. Many lives have been not only altered, but affected by their lack of productivity. I can picture them laughing and drinking coffee instead of getting their case load done.

  50. shon says:

    Well I guess we are all in the same boat filed feb 5….It is now Oct.16 I’ve not recieved anyhthing….I receivecd a letter Aug 27 saying that they had to amend it and review it and I would recieve a check in 4-6 weeks…wellllllll u know the rest still waiting….what a system.

  51. IRS Will Get Them says:

    Whoever decided to use mine will be screwed as I owed from last year and owe even more this year. Good luck to them for thinking they could use my information for their own benefit. And please explain to me what they hope to get with a system that either sends a refund by check in my name to a physical address OR to an account in their name. Either way, it’s all so traceable that these thieves won’t be able to pull off this foolishness for long.

  52. erika edwards says:

    We filed the first week of Feb. and are still waiting. I was told last week the the freeze has been lifted from our account and that we can expect a check in six to eight weeks. It’s a shame that it is taking them so long. Sadly there is nothing more than to do than wait and wait and wait.

  53. cassandra says:

    I filed my tax since feb. Since someone stole my husband ss# they told us to wait 16 weeks well still no check what is going on

  54. Jeri says:

    My husband filed his taxes in early february. thinking everything would be ok it turned out his S.S was stolen! we have been waiting since February to get our money. never in the 9 months that we have been waiting we have never received a sletter or a call and when we call the IRS they tell us to keep waiting.. at this point we are soooo fustrated about this because we are financially strapped with 2 kids and bills and a car payment, we are waiting on alot of money to come in and it seems the IRS does not care. last week we just recieved a letter saying that it could take a few more months and it had our case workers name. we have been calling him everyday and he is never available and never returns our call. the year is almost up and we are about to claim our next taxes for 2012… what more can we do to rush this ? we have spoken to a tax advocate and they could not help. the IRS is so quick to tell us to pay taxes when they are due but in a situation like this they take thier time and dont give us the money we earned throughout the year! any advice? 🙁

    • admin says:

      Hi Jeri,

      Unfortunately, no. If you’ve been in contact with the IRS and taxpayer advocates there’s really nothing else you can do but wait. You’re doing the right thing – just be sure to stay in contact with the IRS so that they don’t forget about you.

  55. shon says:

    Ok I was told the other day that my tax return was in the “examination department” does anybody know what that means??????

  56. Megan says:

    Just got off the phone with IRS and now I have to call back on Monday so they can assign me a caseworker!?! I sent them all the info in Feb!! they lady also told me once they assign me a caseworker I cant talk to them in 30 days!!! UGH

  57. Ashley says:

    I filed my taxes in Jan and found out that someone had used my SSN to file and I am still waiting for my return. I never want to depend on a refund again so from now on I will adjust my withholdings so I recieve little to no refund back because this is CRAZY and unfair. I feel like I am being punished for something I didn’t do I wanted to use the refund for my wedding but I got married in May now I want to use it towards a down payment for a house and it doesn’t look like I am getting it anytime soon. I do have a case worker but he hasn’t said anything yet.

  58. lacora says:

    omg the irs full of it…i efiled on jan 21 2012 it was rejected. I was told to mail in my original return which I had to pay 300 to get. I have been dropped from school necause I have to eait until mu case has been resovled to get my correct transcripts. It has been 7mths & I have still have not received nothing

  59. TB says:

    Today is 12-12-12 and I just learned from the IRS that I am a victim of Identity Theft.   I mailed my tax return on or around Oct 15, 2012 (very last day).  I learned when I called in that someone used my SS# and filed on Aug 28, 2012 already and now I am told to fill out the Form 14039 and give two identifications by mail.   I was also told this could take 90 days…   After reading all these posts it could take much longer, and I am going through many hardships as well as "It's Christmas!" 

    It's unbelievable how many victims this year alone are experiencing the fraud.  IRS needs to do something about it.  I never thought I would be a victim of ID Theft, and here I am today learning that I am now a victim.   More importantly I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow to try and protect my Identity since learning of this only today.   We have fallen on hard times & our refund was really going to help with matters.  Now I am more worried than ever that there is more to it than what I am finding out today.  Will the IRS get me my refund by the 90 days or hopefully sooner, or will I be waiting 7 months or longer as many posts here are reflecting they've undergone as well?   What can we do to stop this Fraud from happening?  Any advice is most helpful…

  60. jasmin says:

    Hi i have question two my son socials where used to file taxes in 2012 how can i report that and can i get a refund for them ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jasmin,

      The first thing you should do is call the IRS’s special identity theft hotline at 1-800-908-4490. They should be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to file taxes and get your refund.

  61. Dan says:

    TAX PAYER ADVOCATE!!! Call them iv went through the pain with u people all year I called them 3 weeks ago and got my check 2 days ago I waited 10 months for nothing tax payer advocate will get u your money WITH INTREST

  62. Jermaine says:

    Hi I’ve filed my return in feb,2012 to find out i was a victim of identity theft. went to my local irs explained the situation filled out form 14039, he also resent my w2. it’s now jan,2013 still nothing, don’t know what else to do. please help

    • admin says:

      Hi Jermaine,

      As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s actually not unheard of for the IRS to take this long to sort out identity theft problems and issue the appropriate refunds. Have you tried calling the IRS and asking them about the status of your refund?

      • Jermaine says:

        i’ve called several times, all i get is no information available. as of jan 3. my refund is being processed i guess i’ll be waiting another 6 months.

  63. Vear says:

    I got a mail from IRS in Novermber 2012 that I owe over 16 thousands for 2009.Im not gonna tell what I was feeling at that moment bt that was shocking for me and my husband. I never filed tax return for that year because I came to the states in may of 2009 and worked for only 3 months. I didn’t even know I had to to that(most of u think Im dumb))So I went to the lawyer and he said it looked like smb used my ssn to file tax return, and when IRS faxed him copies of files I found out that THAT smb made abt 64.000 for that year and I made only 2! It took 3 months IRS to investigate my case and they decided that I had to pay this money!!!!!!!Don’t they see all the facts???!!!How was it possible for smb to make 64 thousands from the very end of may till the end of 2009?!I understand if smb steals money from u u don’t care whose gonna pay back,u just want the money back, from an innocent person???That’s way too much! Im gonna call the lawyer again tomorrow,bt honestly I think theres nothing to be done<and that fact is killing me. So,Im just asking for a piece an advice,if theres smth to be done in my case, because im not paying for smb who stole that money.

  64. Sarah says:

    Filed in April, have had credi fraud in the past and now have refund fraud and it feels like we will never receive our refund. How do I prevent this from happening again when nobody from the IRS can help me with last years fraud?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah,

      The most effective way to prevent tax fraud is to file early. That gives the fraudsters less of an opportunity to use your SSN.

  65. cece says:

    My friend wants to know the number to stop someone from filing her child befor she do

    • admin says:

      Hi Cece,

      I don’t think there’s a number for that. The best thing for her to do is to file her taxes as soon as possible so that the other person’s return (not hers) will be rejected.

  66. TinyaT says:

    Sad to said but after 10 long months I’ve finally got my refund. I guess what I get another one in a few more weeks. This is crazy and something really needs to be done. Now that I’ve sorted all this out,hopefully they won’t drill me this term. GOODLUCK

  67. Graciela Zepeda says:

    i did my taxes 2011 .and never got my tax refund .the man who did my tax refund told me irs put a hold on it.but dident tell me why.and in december i got a paper saying that i am a victum of identity theft.and gave me an ip i resend my taxes papers with my pin.and now im just waiting to see what happens.the funny thing is that man who did my taxes dident give me my taxs papers.and till now he still dosent want to give them to me untill i pay him for the services.he told me to call irs to find out what happen.and he also told me not to tell irs that he dident give me my taxes papers.

  68. Marissa says:

    Well I filed my taxes on jan.27,2012 and most is jan-2013…omg..I still have not received anything.I mailed in all the documents twice.I called the IRS and get the same ole thing.Now will going through an identity theft case fr my 2011 tax refund,Will it have any effect on my 2012 tax refund..will the IRS reject my return again?

    • admin says:

      Hi Marissa,

      The IRS shouldn’t reject your 2012 return unless there’s a separate identity theft issue – although it is their prerogative. They can always choose to put someone’s SSN on hold if there’s an issue. I suggest filing return as soon as possible, especially since there’s someone out there who knows your SSN.

      • Todd says:

        It does matter you have to mail in your tax returns with a pin number specific to you from now on. Trust me I haven’t gotten my 2011 or 2012 refund yet and that is with working with a tax advocate. Good luck to you.

  69. meranda says:

    I was a victim of identify theft for the 2010 tax season and I went through a bunch of bs to fix it and finally received it at the end of September 2011 . It was so frustrating and caused me alot of anxiety and everyone I spoke to at the IRS told me something different every time but I finally received it and even was awarded like an extra $34 for interest but the funny thing is the IRS sent me a 1099 for the interest the following tax season. They sure don’t miss a chance to take our money lol

  70. Dion says:

    I began to file, on jan30,2013My taxes were rejected 3 times. Someone have claimed my children this tax year ( 2012). So I went to the local IRS , and filed through their services. And they mail then off for me. I am so scared that I will not get a refund. I have three children and someone has filed them all. I’m hurt cause I need that money. The man behind the desk assured me that I would get a refund, and that the IRS would get back with me at a later date to resolve this issue. Is this true?Or was this man selling me a dream?

    • admin says:

      Hi Dion,

      What the man was saying was true. When the IRS gets your paper return that will prompt an audit of your return and the other one that claimed your dependents. After an investigation the IRS will then award you the dependents and the refund you deserve. The only problem is that this process often takes a long time. It can take several months and even up to a year. So while I have no doubt that the man was telling the truth and that you will get your money, I just think I should caution you not to expect your money any time soon.

  71. Donna says:

    My son is a victim of identity theft who has already filed form 14039 (4 times)and have followed all of the other steps on the IRS website and still cannot get anyone at the IRS to respond to the issue. My son is paying back a first time buyer loan even though he made no such loan. He cannot get copies of the documents of the loan or of the fraudulent filing that he didn’t make, so that he can prove it wasn’t him. Whenever he calls them he is being treated like a criminal when in fact it is the IRS that owes him money for overpaid taxes for the last 4 years. they are confiscating this to pay back the loan he didn’t file for. he has never owned a home and the only loans he has ever taken out are a few payday loans.
    What exactly are the steps that the IRS is supposed to take after they receive form 14039? This has been going on since 2008.

  72. Tiffany says:

    Hi everyone!
    I too was a victim of identity theft last year. I finally received my refund in July 2012. I did get a tax advocate that helped me along the way. I am just wondering, for this year, How long it will take to get my refund since i had a issue last year? I already e-filed 1/31/13. When i check on WMR on the IRS website, it says still processing. I did receive a special pin to use for this year.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      It sounds like the IRS successfully resolved your identity theft issue. Hopefully, your refund shouldn’t take any longer to process and you should have it by February 21st.

  73. sam says:

    I had my identity stolen 3 years ago, and let me tell you it was a headache. First off I filed with H&R Block… was an inside job with one of the other tax prepares at another location that I had never been to. H&R Block told me the wrong paperwork to file and had to call the IRS to get help. It took me a year and a half to get my return back and contacting a tax advocate to get my paperwork pushed threw. I now have a special pin to file my taxes and I will for the rest of my life. I will never use H&R Block again, and I file all my own taxes now. I would say that if at any point you have to pay back loans that you never signed, get a lawyer and they can get records for you….. The IRS did give me interest on my tax return that took forever to get, but I had to file taxed on that money they gave me the following year!

  74. jesse avery III says:

    please dont let anyone file this name this year jesse avery III orless its me cause last year i never recieve anything

  75. creandalhoward says:

    i have been i try do it that it been hard to do

  76. Joeg. says:

    I too am a victim of idenity theft can anyone tell me how long will it take to get my refund this year can anyone help me.

  77. lidia says:

    i to am also a victim, i filed 2011 taxes and they were stolen took seven months to get,now i filed 2012 and im going through same shit!

  78. Jan says:

    I e filed my Federal Tax Return for 2012, on line with the service FREETAXUSA on 2/11/2013 and the IRS rejected the return. The email I received stated a return with my SSN had already been electronically accepted by the IRS. I called the IRS to verify if this was true, and was told it was. I was asked some questions concerning my return and my last years return and was told some of the information was different from the return already received . I was told to mail in my return along with this form, copies of my ID and any other supporting documentation as soon as possible. Additionally I was told to make a report to FTC. I have only recently moved to this address and do believe my w2 was mailed to my old address as well as here. I have never received the copy of the one my employer mailed here and I used a copy downloaded from a secure website with information provided by my employer to file my return.I mailed in everything last week, reports, tax return , and id, but looking here I am so depressed , as I thought once they knew the other return was a fraud they would process mine. But I see now this is just going to be a mess and will not be resolved quickly. Why are they not getting better at preventing this? How did they file electronically anyway without my prior year AGI? And DOB? I don’t no why that return was not rejected as it could not have had accurate info when compared to prior years.

  79. Latoya says:

    Some one filed my son or there taxes without my say so . I wish to press charges on who ever did it. if theres any
    Way you can help me find out ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Latoya,

      I don’t know if you can press charges, but you should certainly file a paper return claiming your son. Be sure to include a cover letter explaining the situation and evidence that proves you have the right to claim your son as a dependent. The IRS will then review both returns and award the dependent to the person who deserves him. I would also give the identity theft hotline a call. Leave punishing this person up to the IRS.

  80. dave says:

    forget what there saying on here go to the irs adovocate office in your area which is listen under

    the other dept takes to long and dont care about your hardship peopl;e need to reserch before giving wrong advice to people.

    • Or no? says:

      Do you know what the advocacy office in my area did when I contacted them? Forwarded me to the IRS phone number where I’ve been waiting for over 30 minutes, a phone number which I already called earlier until for some reason the call disconnected.

  81. Lashonda Tims says:

    Last year 2011 someone used my social security as a child dependent(im 40 yrs old)! IRS investigated it took several months..finally sent me a check Oct 16 2012.Never saw a check becuz someone stole check n cashed it! Put a track on check found whr check was cashed n IRS say after months of processing i will receive another check.This yr 2013..filed guess what…a victim again!! They r using my ssn as a child dependent..IRS tells me the system is not setup for child dependent fraud yet WTF…only for individual tax payer!! So i will have to deal with this every year…soo sad!! I asked why not give all victims a pin number…they tell me they r randomly selected smdh!!!

  82. kim says:

    The same thing happened to us in 2012 was my husbands SS number that was used…. It just so happened that for the first time in Years we had to pay back and was not getting a refund so it was not as much a pain to us then…. I am now tring to file this year and was rejected through efile…WAS told to send in regular mail with all of the same paperwork that we already did last year…and told it could be quite a while for a refund…So frustrating as we still have no answers as to what happened last year…..So Frustrating!!!!!

  83. esmeralda says:

    i filed my taxes for 2012 and the irs took it way cause i owed them so i called and found out some ones been using my social seens 2010 and have not been filed what can i do to stop this and recieve my refund

    • admin says:

      Hi esmeralda,

      You need to file a return for all of those years that you didn’t file. You can do that right here on PriorTax. You will have to paper file and you should include a cover letter explaining your situation and evidence proving your identity.

  84. Dominique R. says:

    I filed my taxes on 2/1/13 only to find that someone had filed under my name. I called the IRS and they put a flag on my acct told me to fill out that form and mail in my taxes which I did. I sent my info certified so I would know when they got it. They received it like 4 days after that and I called and they said it might be in the building to call in 30 days I said ok. I call today and now they are saying the same thing. Initially when I called they said that they could not give me any info on the fraud return but today the rude a__ b____that I talked to slipped and said which one is your return the one on Jan 30th or the one on Feb 1st? I said didn’t I just verify my info and say someone stole my identity if it was the one on the 30th I would have my money! Dummy! I did not say dummy but I wanted to. My question is since i found out that it was only two days before I filed and they could not have sent the money out that fast so what is the hold up??? I realize that some people find out later and money has already been mailed or whatever but that was not the case here, so I am really mad and really confused. If I call back in 2 more weeks and I do not have my money I am calling my congressman because this is really unacceptable like others have said before they come and get there money if you owe them! I am so mad…what is the time frame for this to be cleared up???

    • admin says:

      Hi Dominique R.,

      Even though you notified them that your identity was stolen only two days after the fraudulent return was filed, it’s entirely possible that they mailed out the refund to that first return anyway. I wouldn’t count on this being cleared up in two weeks. What they have to do now is review both returns. Believe it or not this process can often take months, even up to a year in some cases. Just to put this in perspective, last year there were 1.1 million cases of tax fraud/identity theft, so it might take them a little while to get to your case.

  85. Tax payer says:

    I found out someone had filed in my name today and the IRS advises it will take 6 months or more to receive my return. I’m not angry at the IRS. I’m angry at the criminals who filed using my SSN, thus stealing from the hard working tax payers. I will get my money eventually, I just hope they will get jail time and lots of it.

  86. Esthe G. says:

    Just today my accountant sent my documents and called me to let me know someone filed with my social security and get a return.

    How is this possible if the IRS has everything from me, all my info, social, work place etc. If I have a problem they call me immediately. How could someone fill with my number? I send my papers every year and with the same accountant except 2004 and this year.
    How can a thief file and no question made? I really can’t understand. I think something wrong is hapenning in the intern IRS.

  87. Jill M. says:

    I filed in april of last year 2012 and still nothing. my daughters graduation is coming and im going to need that money and to help her with college.this sucks. this is the second time its happened and the last time they refused to do anything about that i think about it its the third time.when WHEN WILL I GET MY RETURN!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Dondi says:

    Same thing happened to us, tried to efile and it was rejected, someone used my husband’s ss#
    so after all the calls and finally getting our taxes sent in, we have to wait for any refund
    I am just worried about the person that did this and about the ss# what happens now?
    should we get a new SS# or what should we do?
    thank you

  89. Ciara says:

    They (the irs) asked how much was I getting back, when i told them, they said “you’re off by thousands”, they asked my address, when i told them, they said “oh, that’s not the address that was used” so i’m just wondering, if they can throw out all of these hints, why can’t they tell you who the hell used your number and quit all the hassle. i’m pretty sure if we knew who used the number alot of our questions would be answered. yes it is a dangerous situation-i can’t wait to find out who used mine- but if i knew my life would be quite a bit better.

  90. Vear says:

    Finally 7 months later we got a letter from the irs saying that they agreed that my ssn was taken. and they were working on it”. Where were u past 7 months I wonder?????!!!!!!on a vacation?! I won’t be surprised in it takes them another 7 months to send the refund for this year and leave me and my husband alone! Cuz of that irs issue all my credit history is ***(im not typing it) up. I cant even open a credit card, to say nothing about taking a loan to buy a house!!!does anybody know if I can do smth abt it?cuz its not my fault I owe the $ somebody got 3 years ago for me used my ssn

  91. Susie says:

    As someone involved in IT (e-commerce), I had my doubts when e-fiiling first came out in 2009… I wondered how the IRS would validate identity and, as we can see, they’ve made a HUGE mess by allowing more holes in their system than Swiss cheese. Their incompetence has caused them to have to add more staff to investigate fraud (which the American public pays for), and they’ve impacted thousands of individual taxpayers’ lives with their Mickey Mouse operation.

    Like you, I got hit this year with identity theft, so I’ve spent hours upon hours putting alerts out to the bank, social security admin, and credit bureaus. I need to refinance my home, among other things, so this has wide ranging implications for every innocent taxpayer affected.

    One easy thing they should be doing is more closely scrutinizing returns filed in early January where refunds are involved (vs payments); that is when the frauds are beating us honorable citizens to the punch and filing with our SS#s before we’ve had a chance to. But you’d think the IRS would have realized that after 4 years. This is just one of many screw-ups on their part, like getting caught clearly targeting Tea Party members (not that I care for the Tea Party, but it’s wrong to target anyone based on party affiliation, race, religion, age, etc…).

    I hope someone does something about this soon – write your congressmen and contact the media! BTW, the IRS head just resigned (he should have been fired!)

  92. C&MB says:

    We are in the same boat, victim of identity theft and other than being told that we had to send in the affidavit, the IRS has not bothered to send a letter or communicate with us, very frustrating and have yet to receive our refund. Essentially, they have proven to show their incompetence and how much they don’t care about the people falling victim to the sob’s that are running these scams.

    I want interested paid back when they finally do send my refund.. ya right like that’s gonna happen.

  93. Michael says:

    My wife and I filed our taxes married filing jointly. We were ssupposed to get 4,500 in our refund but someone had used my social and all information to file taxes the year before which was when I did not file because I did not work. So our refund was offset because of identity theft and was only returned 700 dollars. But I have another son and owed 400 dollars of child support and child support garnished those 400 dollars which I had no problem with because now I was caught up on my payments. But since I haven’t been working, I now owe $890. The irs said It can take up to 6 months to get my refund back, and it’s been 5 months already. When the irs gives us our refund back, is the child support going to garnish it again? I’m only concerned because my wife was the one that earned this tax refund as she worked more than me and our kids tax exemptions were used. Since child support already garnished us, will child support disregard the refund we will be getting back since it’s the same tax n year? Thanks in advanced. I’m also paying slowly my cs order and I also have joint custody of my son. He lives with me half of the year and I orovide for him abd the rest of our kids.

  94. BMR says:

    This seems to be at epidemic proportions. I received a letter from the IRS last month that was addressed to me and an unknown 2nd party, saying that the IRS needs more information in order to process my/”our” 2012 tax return before they can send my refund. Since I hadn’t yet filed my 2012 tax return and the 2nd party on my account doesn’t exist, I immediately called the IRS fraud dept and took all the steps they recommended, including filing a local police report. Today I (and the mysterious 2nd party) received another letter from the IRS telling me that they have now processed my 2012 tax return and that over $30k will be refunded to me. Huh???

    Even if they assumed that I had filed my actual return, it seems like there should have been a red flag on my account regarding the name of the fraudulent second person on the account. After reading the previous comments here, I do not feel hopeful that this situation will be resolved in a timel yor sane manner as it is a clear case of the left hand and right hand not connected to the same body.

    Any comments??

    • Debra says:

      Whatever you do . Do NOT cash any check from IRS that does not belong to you.

      I also had identity theft for year 2012. I filed in late july and it kicked out of the system within 24 hours. I work for an accountant so I see his efile report. Mine was denied along with a few of our clients . I had to go ahead and paper file, mail in with proper form for identity theft along with a copy of my licensing. I received a letter in September this year saying they have recieved it. I still have not received my refund as of Dec 5 2013. It says online that it is being processed and a date for my refund will be set when available.
      One of our clients also had identity theft in March of 2013 and she received her refund in late August. It went pretty quickly. Fraud has been down since 2011 filings and they have been catching the bad guys. I know this because we deal with irs everyday via telephone in our office and we ask frequently.
      Returns are supposed to be alot quicker now. My daughter had fraud in another state in 2011 and she filed in Feb but they refunded her money over 11 months later the following year. Would also like my refund. Xmas right around corner. What they do is go back 5 years and look at every return you sent them and make sure that you had all your ducks in order. If you over claimed or lied or any returns and they find out your screwed. So now you really want to kill the asshole that stole your identity. LOL

      • admin says:

        Hi Debra,
        We are sorry to hear about all the “bad luck” you, your daughter and clients had with your taxes. Thanks for your comment and advice to other tax filers!

  95. JamieBoston says:

    I found it cathartic to read all of these posts – as i’m in the shame shi**y situation. seriously, wtf with the irs. they really do just s*ck. i filed my 2011 electronic return LY the same as i have done for several years and it was rejected because someone already filed (fraudulently) using my SS#. f*cker. so i called the irs to ask them for pin so i could file 2012 electronically and the (seriously, borderline retarded) irs agent told me “you don’t need no pin you just need your AGI for the year before…cause you don’t get no pin that’s not what we give you…you just use the AGI”. honestly i think what she said sounded even worse, i just don’t remember. in any case this year i filed electronically using my AGI and bam! again rejected b/c someone else used my SS#. so now i call and get an automated agent (a little smarter than the person i spoke with at IRS last year) that grants me a pin but won’t grant a pin for my wife (we file jointly), the recording says (i kid you not) “no pin can be provided to you. just enter zero for prior year AGI when filing your return” W H A T !!! if i put zero in for my AGI that will work? what the f*ck?! going to see if i can get an advocate now. honestly folks, ALL POLITICS ASIDE, if we’re going to trust these guys (the IRS) to police/run our healthcare in the U.S. we are seriously screwed. no…seriously…we’re f*cked.

  96. clara says:

    In the past i have filed self employment but for 2012 yr i had none to file. I just got letter from dept of job and family serv saying it has come to their attention that i filed for self employ. I did not file that yr and shouldnt have got any refund….could this be someone else filing with my info

  97. meli says:

    Im going threw it now i filed march 5 and still nothing all they say is that my case is still being looked at and cant give me any information

  98. Chicca says:

    My case is Since 2004, i filled in 2010 …. its almost 2014…Im still waiting, now they are asking for my 2010 tax papers which i dont have and the taxes place refuse to give it to me, and the irs wont give me all the money till i get the papers… I gave up! Good luck everyone! be Bless!

  99. Trever Barker says:

    Someone filed an amendment using my SS to my original filings I filed on April 19 and I asked for a fraud investigation due this action – do I still have to pay IRS money that is not owed to them due to this illegal filling?

    • admin says:

      Hi Trever,
      It sounds like you will not have to pay the IRS the fraudulent money. However, it’s best to get in contact with the IRS about this question. They will let you know exactly what is going on with your fraud investigation.

  100. Samantha Glotnis says:

    I would like to know what happens to the person who uses your ss#? I just found out someone claimed me on their taxes. Hard to believe someone can claim a 47 yr old woman who made almost $30,000.

    • admin says:

      Hi Samantha,
      As stated in this article, the IRS actually has a Identity Protection Specialized Unit and a number, 1-800-908-4490, dedicated to telephone assistance for individuals who believe they may be a victim of identity theft.

      You will also have to file Form 14039 [Identity Theft Affidavit] along with photocopies of at least one document verifying your identity. Permissible documents include a passport, driver’s license, social security card, or other valid U.S. Federal or State government issued identification.

  101. Tabitha says:

    For the last four years someone has illegally used my husbands daughters SSN on their tax returns. The last there years I’ve sent in the court paperwork proving we were the only ones legally able to claim her.. and months later, we would get our full refund. But when I refilled early this year on Jan. 28th the IRS said I might get a jump start on whoever is doing it. Rejected again. But I sent my taxes in by mail on Jan. 29th and this time (hoping to speed up the process) I included the court summary that I included in previous years the child’s school record and a copy of our health and food benefits. I highlighted all of the important areas. But I was reading about another form I’m supposed to include!! I never included the form before? I can’t find any information on this! My husbands and my SSN were not stolen but his daughters is. I’m pretty sure its her grandmother because she has a grudge against my husband. My fed will arrive Feb 3rd. Will it be received that day? Is the form something new this year?

  102. sherry says:

    I received a letter stating that my info may have been compromised will i still receive my taxes this year got accepted 1/28/2014 will it take for ever? Please help!!

  103. Lowell says:

    When we filed for taxes last year, we found out that our sons SS# was stolen, we were advised to go to the IRS office to notify them which we did, and followed all the procedures that we were told to do. Months passed by we never received any letter coming from them, so yesterday my wife called and was able to speak with somebody and helped her out, she was given an ID protection theft PIN # to use for filing this years taxes. So we filed our taxes yesterday…. REJECTED again coz my sons SS# is still compromised, somebody already got the refund !!! WE are at a loss, need anybodys advise right now on what to do next !

  104. lesley says:

    I have been a victim of ID theft, someone used my ss # to file 2011 taxes. I filed a claim in Aug 2013. I was told that it would take 180 days to resolve – I took all steps required, FTC etc. I filed my 2013 taxes and was notified via mail that my refund was offset due to the 2011 taxes. I did my part- I kept calling the office and recieved some letters in mail stating that they recieved my claim, blah blah blah…So they literally “snatched” my income tax check (over 6k) and sent me a bal owed statement for $781 & $516 check?!! Who does that? How can you recieve a check & a bal due statement at the same time…and this is our government?? I called the IRS and was on hold for a very long time, transferred from the ID theft dept (a joke), the Underwriting dept (no help whatsoever) and finally someone in Accounts – almost 2 hrs later- the last person I spoke to told me that she non-chalantly couldn’t help me out. I told her to imagine if she was in my shoes. I was very frustrated and even more confused than day 1. However, I was given the taxpayer Advocay phone number. I called the next morning, was told that someone will contact me- be assigned to my case within 7 business days and if not, I should call them back. I am in a true hardship…I have been a victim twice by the (ID theft & IRS). My case has not been rosolved – this has been a REAL nightmare. I hope that I can get some help really soon. ID Theft is a serious issue and it is not being dealt with seriously at all. These crooks are getting over and not getting caught or punished. Something needs to be done ASAP!!!!

  105. Ronnisha Johnson says:

    How long did it take to get your refund after someone used your ssn and was u Abel to check ur status on where is my refund

  106. CHEVY says:

    hello my name is shavonne and I just found out yesterday that in 2012 I was a victim of identity theft. I filled my taxes this year and I am taking a longer than average time to get my funds so after weeks of the IRS telling my tax preparer that my check is still processing that yesterday she was able to speak to a supervisor for me and that is when she was told that my check is taking so long because in 2012 i was a victim of identity theft. On 045-16-2012 I walked into an H&R block on east 4th street in nyc (which I wish i would have never done). I have heard about people having problems with H&R block before. I got audited by the state but never received my federal check. I also signed a paper at H&R block saying that the cost to do my taxes (the charge from H&R block) would be automatically taken out of my tax return. But then like a month later received a letter from H&R block saying that I owe H&R block $511.00 for the fee of my taxes being prepared But I never got my return.This does not seem right to me. I spoke to aomeone from the irs and asked her aboutr my refund for this year and I said well since I have u on the line let me ask about my 2012 taxes i filled and i never received that check she looked she took my info again looked some stuff up and said u never filled a return in 2012 for 2011 I said how is that possible when I have all the paper work till this day i need so much help on this situation the first thing is who do I call

  107. kim says:

    I cnt even get a person to talk too is there a number I can call. Its been months and I have not heard anything

  108. Ericka says:

    There is certainly a lot to know about this issue.
    I love all the points you’ve made.

  109. teewee says:

    FYI- This happened to me this year, went to file joint return, then found out mine were already filed. Fast fix was to take my name off the return, and then file an amended return after filling out the fraud paperwork (form 14039) AT the local IRS office, then printing it out (amended return) and sending via snail mail. I sent in the amended return about April 7th. We received a letter from the IRS about a month later (with a sent date 10 days from the date I received it…weird..) saying that they received the return and if everything was correct on the letter, a check would be mailed out within three weeks. We received it the very next day. I am not sure if this would be the case for everyone, but we were told it could be up to 180 days, and it was a LOT faster than we expected. The agent we spoke to said that the IRS was trying to speed up the process for ID victims; it appears that they did. Again, not sure if this would be the same for everyone, but I sure hope it is…


    • Brandi says:

      What do you mean by you took your name off of the return? Why did you complete an amended refund….were you told to? Does it work out better to actually go to the local IRS office even after you already mailed your return and fraud docs to the irs? Yours had to be the best turn around story so just so curious since I am dealing with this. Thanks

  110. Tyler says:

    Is there a way to find out who it was that used your ssn?

  111. Angel Hargett says:

    IRS has had our identity theft affidavit for over 200 days we finally called and they said it has just been sitting there with nothing being done to it! They were referring it to another department! What!? We have no idea what department and are getting frustrated. Please whatever you do call and check on the status because if we would not have it is hard to tell what would happen!

  112. nic says:

    Someone used my husbands SSN to try to get a return but it was caught before the refund was given out. Will it still be longer than 8 weeks for us to get our refund??

    • admin says:

      Hi Nic,

      The time frame depends on a few factors. If the return was never even submitted to the IRS and the tax preparer caught the fraud, then it should not take longer than normal to process and receive a refund. If the IRS caught the return, then it will depend on their protocol for handling this type of situation. You may want to contact your local IRS office for more information on where they were in the return process when this was found out and stopped. You can find the contact information on the IRS website.

  113. Desi says:

    My husband and I filed early this yr as we always do and we have filed exactly the same information for 6 years and then I tried to order my transcripts from last year and it popped up I had to call the Individualized Special Protection Unit and could not get my transcripts online. Well I called the IRS and I guess since I could not verify my address they put an identity theft indicator on my account. Well about six months ago I called them to get my non profit ein number and I updated my address so when I called this time I forgot all about that address because I had already filed my return with my current address that they did not have updated well I don’t remember my address because I moved six times last year and they won’t let me give every address I have lived at so they tell me it’s going to take 180 days to investigate because They were to slow to update my address.. I gave them the address on my last year’s return.. We filed with the same job.. Same kids.. Same bank account.. I do not understand at all.

    • admin says:

      Hi Desi,

      Unfortunately, any dealings with the IRS tend to be a bit time consuming. On the bright side, once this is investigated, the IRS will be able to provide you with paperwork so that you will not be required to pay any late fees or anything of that nature.

  114. kimberly says:

    Someone claimed my daughter. Tell me how do report it someone please help me. It’s not right. They should be in trouble.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      The first step to take is to contact the IRS Identity Theft department. You can call 1-800-908-4490 to reach someone specifically designated to help you out. Once you have spoken to someone there, they will most likely tell you to submit Form 14039 along with several forms of identification.

      Keep in mind that although a bit more time-consuming, the IRS is familiar with these issues and will do everything in their power to help solve your case.

  115. joe says:

    I have a question. My feiance and her 2 kids have been living with me for 3 years i went to efile my taxes and got rejected saying the ssn have already been used.come to find out my feiance ex had filed claiming her and the 2 i need to file the 14039 cause i have rhe proof they all have lived with me and i indeed took care of them all????

    • admin says:

      Hi Joe,

      Unfortunately, the IRS has too much experience handling cases like this. What I suggest doing is paper-filing your return by mailing it to the IRS (if you have already prepared it online, you can still use that one by just printing it out instead of submitting it to be e-filed again). The IRS will reach out to you requesting proof that you are the one who should be claiming the dependents. At that point, you will submit any documents such as court orders, birth certificates, medical bills, etc. that will show that you are the custodial parent. Although this is a bit more time consuming than simply e-filing your return, this is the system that the IRS has in place.

  116. Sam says:

    I was going to file today but received a notice from IRS that someone had used my wife SS# and filed a return. They say it will take up to 6 month to get it straight, since I don’t get a refund wondering if I should wait until the investigation is over to send them my check?

    • admin says:

      Hello Sam,

      Your best bet would be to file your return as soon as possible. Since you are not expecting a refund, you want to avoid any failure to file fees or failure to pay penalty fees that the IRS can hold against you.

  117. Brandi says:

    If you fill out the fraud paperwork (form 14039) and send in all documents needed, do you have to complete an amended form for a speedy process?

    • admin says:

      Hi Brandi,

      According to the IRS, you should complete and submit form 14039 and then move on to filing your return. The most beneficial thing to do is follow the IRS’ instructions as exact as possible to ensure that the process does not take longer than necessary.

  118. Daniel. says:

    Im also a victim of identity theft. In early February I filed my 2014 return. Both CA and Federal accepted my return and that I should receive my refund within 21 days. A month later I found out someone used my ssn for employment in 3 different states. NORTH CAROLINA,SOUTH CAROLINA AND FLORIDA. I submitted all documents irs asked for. Form 14039 with identification, filed my 2012 return, which was less than $2000. (income I earned, not the id thieves) made report to ftc and law enforcement. Last week I received notice of deficiency saying owe over 15K in taxes that I didn’t even earn for 2012. I am lost here. I requested for a tax advocate, but nothing. I also contacted the lowincome tax clinic for assistance, but they said to wait a month, if no change then contact them again.. what else can I do to show irs that the income reported by “third party” is not mine. Its the damn.thieves.

    • admin says:

      Hello Daniel,

      I’m so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. The best thing to do in this situation is to follow all steps that the IRS instructs you to take. Once you have done this, you will need to wait it out. This can be frustrating but the IRS has a process for handling cases specifically like these. If you feel as if you’re case has been neglected, you can contact your local IRS office as they should be able to access any notes or activity on your tax return.

  119. TK says:

    I apply for mortgage loan and submit the 4506-T with the loan application.
    After while, I got the letter from IRS RAVIS/IVES IPSU with Form 14611

    We’re contacting you to report the status of your information request.
    We cannot process your Form 4506T information request.
    Please contact the identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490

    When I called, my account is security lock and IRS cannot any longer provide Tax Transcript other than myself directly.
    This can be issue with my loan approval process.
    What can I do?

    • admin says:

      Hi TK,

      This is an interesting situation. You seem to have a few options. You may first want to call the IPSU back and inquire more about what you will need to do. It is definitely in your best interest to get a live representative on the phone to help you. If they can’t help you any further, your other option would be to call the IRS and inquire about what this type of notice means and how to proceed.

  120. Jen says:

    How about this? I was a victim of identity theft for tax year 2012. I am once again, a victim for the 2014 year!!!! How common is this occurrence?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jen,

      I’m so sorry to hear that! It IS rare but, unfortunately, not impossible. How did the process work out for you when it happened in 2012?

      • holly says:

        @ Hi jen how did either one of these turn out i am currently going thru this now and it has been hell I re did the id verify with the identity Protection specialized unit and now they said 12 weeks is the time frame if everything is cleared up I just want to know how accurate are their number that they throw out to people

  121. Mel says:

    I’m confused by IRS, this is the 3rd year in a row that someone has used my SS#, and the 2nd year straight that my son’s ss# was used. Why are we given a pin # by IRS? What is the purpose? My pin given by IRS was even changed online by I assume the perps. I did not even have an income in 2014. I filed joint with my spouse. .This is the 2nd year my son’s ss# was also used. How is this even possible???

    • admin says:

      Hi Mel,

      As a convenience to taxpayers, the PIN created can be updated in case you misplace or forget it. The person updating would need to be able to provide enough information to prove they are “you”. The IRS suggests being extra careful using your personal information online with many different websites. Your personal information can be compromised by simply being slightly carefree with your personal date even only once.

  122. SSWUSCG says:

    Well here we go. 32 years of no problem tax filing and this year someone used my SSN to file a return. All of these post do not get my hopes up….

    • admin says:

      Hi SSWUSCG,

      I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you this year. To provide a bit of reassurance, you may need to wait out the process patiently. In the end, after following the instructions that the IRS gives you, you should be able to pull through and claim your refund!

  123. Jasmin says:

    Hi, i was a victim of identity theft back in 2012 and the IRS said i was red flagged and would have to file a paper return for the next two years and could not e file. Well i get s.s. survivor benefits and am not required to file unless I work. I didn’t have to file until this year. My question is – can i e file for 2015 or do i still have to paper file since I haven’t filed since the incident? Is it 2 consecutive years for the red flag or just the next two times you file that you cant e file?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jasmin,

      I suggest taking a look at the letter mailed to you by the IRS as they are typically specific with their instructions. If they do not specify on the letter, then I suggest contacting the phone number listed. Paper filing allows the IRS to keep an extra eye out for your tax return considering your situation. If you are in doubt at all, I would advise that you paper file your return.

  124. WILL says:


    • admin says:

      Hello Will,

      We are sorry to hear about your situation. We advise that you review your social security information, name, and those of your dependents and spouse to ensure everything is accurate. If the information is correct and someone has fraudulently used your social security number to file a tax return, please call the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 1-800-908-4490 for assistance. They will provide you with further instructions.

  125. joel cruz says:

    Question? I had filed my return this year for the very first time to find they took more than half of my money to pay a 2006 debt to the IRS that wasn’t filed for me. I never applied for any IRS protection because I didnt know that my information was being used. Does anyone know what I need to do to get to the bottom of this?

  126. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog
    that’s equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you,
    you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something not enough people
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  127. Juan F Rincon says:

    I filed my return on 1-31-17. On 2.24.17 i found out that i needed to file 2013,2014 past returns before my return could be properly processed. I later found out that the irs was requestibg these returns because someone else worked with my ss# but failed to file taxes for those years. On 2.24.17 i filed form 10439 and until this day nothing. I cant even oog into wheres my refund app anymore. Im seemibgly frustrated. Can soneone pkiss help. Twice ive been told that an advocate would call me in 7 business days, well its been months and nothing. Pliss help

    • Juan says:

      I filed my return on 1-31-17. On 2.24.17 i found out that i needed to file 2013,2014 past returns before my return could be properly processed. I later found out that the irs was requestibg these returns because someone else worked with my ss# but failed to file taxes for those years. On 2.24.17 i filed form 10439 and until this day nothing. I cant even oog into wheres my refund app anymore. Im seemibgly frustrated. Can soneone pkiss help. Twice ive been told that an advocate would call me in 7 business days, well its been months and nothing. Pliss help

      • admin says:

        Unfortunately only the IRS will be able to assist you in addressing this matter. Given the regular tax season is over, they might be less busy and be able to assist you more fluidly. Try the specific IRS Identity theft hotline: 1-800-908-4490.

      • Juana lopez says:

        Did u already got some awnserim in the same situation?

        • admin says:

          It would be best to continue to correspond with the IRS, they will be the only ones that will be able to further assist and inform you on the status of your returns. Their contact number is 1-800-829-1040.

    • admin says:

      Hello Juan,

      In your case, you may contact the IRS at 1800-829-1040 to speak to a live representative to further instruct you on how to proceed and get an updated refund status.

  128. Evon Gatts says:

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  129. Hershel Caballes says:

    I definitely appreciate your website. Thank you for your insights and guidance.

  130. iris says:

    so if someone uses your social to do the taxes do they make them return the money or do they go to jail, or do we have to go to the social security office to do it ourselves ..

    • Manisha Hansraj says:

      Hello Iris,

      Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490 so they can assist you with your case. They will notify you the actions you will need to take in order to address your situation.

  131. LO says:

    Glad I came across this website. I can understand the backlog of waiting for the IRS to finally get to a persons case. What pisses me off is, whoever the person is that filed a tax return on me will get away with it. They used my name, social, , different address, etc. I just got off the phone with the IRS, I’m like well give me the address they used? Give me the name of the bank they used? Anything? I want to know who the thief, scammer is so I can move forward and call the cops. The lady said she couldn’t give me that information. These criminals get away with everything. I’m a hire a private investigator and see what information can be found out. In cases of Identity theft, I have the right to know who the person is that felt they would get away with such an act.

    • LO says:

      Also, from different sites and comments from people, 2012-2013 was a bad year. Maybe its a coincidence, but a lot of people stated in those 2 years, taxes were filed in their names which ended up in Identity theft. My case stems from 2013, which I didn’t file, but the thief did and got $8,000 using my name and social. I will find out who this person is.

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