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NY Middle Class Families to Receive $350 Check | Tax Rebate

Posted by on October 2, 2014
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NY Middle Class Families to Receive $350 Check | Tax Rebate

Thousands of NY Middle Class Families will be receiving a $350 Rebate Check from NY State This Month

If sometime over the next month you receive a $350 check from New York State, don’t throw it away.  It’s not a joke. Instead, it’s a Middle Class Family Rebate from the state.

That’s right, instead of you writing a check to the government, they may be writing you one.

Along with the NY state check, there will be a letter stating something along the lines of “Dear Taxpayer: Last year’s State Budget included this Family Tax Relief Credit. This tax relief is part of New York State’s new effort to reduce taxes”.

Who is Eligible to Receive NY Middle Class Family Rebate Check

You can expect to see the Family Relief $350 check if you meet the following qualifications;  

  • you’re a New York State resident
  • you claimed a child under age 17 on your 2012 tax return
  • your family’s 2012 adjusted gross income was between $40,000 and $300,000

Wondering what the catch is? You may be surprised to hear there’s no catch. The Family rebate program, along with a new homeowners property tax rebate program are part of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s effort to address New York’s “high-tax state” reputation.

Governer Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi  stated the following;  “This much-needed relief for families is one of many steps taken by Gov. Cuomo to control and reduce taxes. As the governor has repeatedly said, New York has no future as the high tax capital of the world.”

When You Will Receive Your Family $350 Rebate Check

NY State started sending out the Family Relief Tax Rebate checks last Tuesday. In fact, the checks come six weeks before Election Day… Interesting.

Here’s another “fun” fact; NY state’s two new 2014 rebate programs will end up costing the state $1.6 million in postage fees alone.

However, if you have a family and fell between the $40,000 and $300,000 income range in 2012, the rebate check will most likely help cover the high costs of raising a family, whether it be a few dinners or new school clothing.

Didn’t File Your 2012 Taxes Yet? File Today!

Bummed that you still need to file your 2012 Tax Return?  Fortunately, PriorTax offers late tax filing. That means, you can still get caught up on your 2012 taxes and cash in for the possible money New York state owes you.

Whatever your case may be, whatever you do, don’t shred that check you receive from Albany, NY State Capital Office!

Photo via USASOC News Service 


14 Responses to “NY Middle Class Families to Receive $350 Check | Tax Rebate”

  1. sandra saguiped says:

    How I can’t get my $350 rebate check ? I never get my $350 rebate check

  2. gail says:

    Upfront… I am not eligible for the “family” tax credit check and I am all for helping our lower income/middle income households. This brings me to an obvious discrimination… would not people who made less than $40,000 be more deserving of a rebate than people above, let’s say $75,000. If I had a child under 17, I would qualify, so I’m in no way questioning the minimum on my behalf. I’m just saying as a taxpayer( and long, long time worker in this high-taxed state of New York) Gov. Cuomo failed to launch. I would love to see him live on $40,000 a year with one child for one year… If I were young again, living in these times, in this state… I would probably decide to move to another state and never look back. If this becomes the mindset of our younger generation, there won’t be enough people to call New York State a state and we won’t need much government to run it. We can only pray that the citizens of this state will show up during the election in November and vote for changes. Common sense screams that this is a ruse… otherwise, people who could really use a rebate would be getting it!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Gail,

      As it is probably no surprise, this check has caused much controversy among New York residents. Although Governor Cuomo approved this check to help families in one of the highest-taxed states in the country, many residents who do not qualify feel the same as you do.

  3. reality says:

    I disagree. We were slightly above the requirements and this check is just whatnwe needed. Its nice to see someone or something giving back to hard working middle for a change. We have bills like anyone else but we dont have options for HEAP, reduced or free lunches, food stamps, etc. It all comes out of our pocket and we end up with less money than some of the “lower” class people we know.

  4. Emile says:

    It is October 17 and I haven’t received my check, which would come just in time for a couple of winter outfits for my 6 year old. If checks started going out the last week of October, does it take three weeks to get a mail across New York state? State Taxation Department should have a toll free number for folks who haven’t gotten their checks after 21 days.

    • admin says:

      Hi Emile,

      You can contact the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance at 518-485-1057 about the Family Tax Relief Credit.

  5. Holly says:

    My husband and I were wondering why we hadn’t received our rebate check yet. I reviewed our taxes from 2012 realized that we made $39,720.00 just missing the minimum. We are obviously disappointed because that check would have really helped out with getting just the necessities like groceries. It’s a little painful to know that someone making up to $300,000 will be getting a rebate check but we aren’t and I don’t believe those in the higher income brackets are really going to appreciate the money like those of us in the lower income brackets. Disappointed Gov. Coumo. I really don’t feel that our elected officials are truly aware of the everyday struggles we working poor are facing right now.

    • Phillip C says:

      Same thing happened to us Holly. We missed the “minimum” by 175 dollars. It’s too bad we were too poor to qualify for some money. When I first heard about the rebate check the first thing I thought of was buying groceries with cash instead of a credit card. It baffles me to think that my family of 5 making $39,825 is not getting a check but someone making $300,000 is getting one. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

      • Holly says:

        I knew there would be plenty of families in the same boat as we are. At first I thought to myself,”why can’t the cut off be $30,000.00?” But that wouldn’t be fair either because of all the families making less than that. I would love to speak to the big shots that came up with the magical numbers. What was the behind the scenes conversations that occurred? It probably went something like this, let’s give a tax break to the people most likely to turn up at a voter’s booth because in the end that’s all that matters in an election year.

    • Robb says:

      They could’ve put food on the table for the poor, instead they’ll be letting some rich lady buy a pair of 350 dollar shoes. Makes perfect sense to me, lol.

  6. Kathy M says:

    It’s a tax REBATE. Those making more money pay a lot more taxes.

  7. Lisa L says:

    It is now October 27 and we haven’t received our check yet.We meet all the requirements.Maybe a call to the NYS Dept of Taxation and Finance is in order.Would they be able to tell me if one was mailed out? I am hoping it didn’t get misplaced amongst the junk mail and accidentally thrown out.

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